8 Best Cardio Workouts For Men In Their 40s

The Track Routine

A simple and really effective elbow grease, running laps around the native track is one among the simplest ways that to urge your pulse rate up and your blood pumping. fashionable marathoners, elite milers, and regarding everybody else, sprinting or cardiopulmonary exercise on the track greatly boosts your circulatory system whereas rising your endurance and stamina.

However, if you’re over forty, it’s best to not go overboard and work your heart muscles an excessive amount of. you’ll be able, to begin with, a 10-minute tune-up and stretching exercise, then do 6-8 linear unit laps with a 1-minute rest once every interval. Slowly increase the amount of laps until you get to twenty.

The Track Routine 2.0 | Life 360 Tips

The Track Routine 2.0

A variation on the previous elbow grease, this routine isn’t for the faint of heart. This elbow grease needs you to sprint around the track during a progression of ever-increasing, high-intensity intervals with a 90-second rest in between.

You start with one lap (i.e. four hundred meters) and increasingly increase it by 0.5 laps (200 meters) once every interval. Repeat this till you get to four laps (1600 meters). Don’t try and create it to 1600 on your initial go; it’d take you a couple of weeks to urge there.

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